Professor Jean-Marie Gorce, ing. PhD

Head of Telecommunications department, INSA-Lyon

visiting scholar at Princeton University (2013-14) with a grant from Region Rhone-Alpes

former head of CITI lab (Insa-Inria 2009-2014)


 member of Socrate team, Inria Rhone-Alpes

          Tél : +33 (0) 4 72 43 60 60              Mobile : +33 6 62 47 48 20

Email  : jean-marie (dot) gorce (at) insa-lyon (dot) fr   / jgorce (at) princeton (dot) edu
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JM Gorce is professor of Wireless Communications at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (
INSA), Lyon, France. He joined INSA as an associate professor in 1999, becoming full Professor in 2008.

He is currently the Dean of the Telecommunications department.

He received a grant from the Rhone-Alpes council (CMIRA Explora Pro n° 13 006396 01) to do his sabbatical year (CRCT) at Princeton University from September 2013 to July 2014, working with Prof. H. Vincent Poor on multi user communications.

He is now the leader of the joint team between Inria , Rutgers U. and Princeton U. (Cowin team starting in April 2014).


JM Gorce received the Dipl. Ing. (M.Sc.) degree in electrical engineering (1993) and PhD degree (1998) from INSA Lyon, working on parametric feature extraction from radio-frequency ultrasound signals in echocardiography at CREATIS. After a postdoctoral year at Bracco Research, Geneva, Switzerland, He joined the Telecommunications Department at INSA Lyon in 1998, starting his research on wireless systems.

In September, 2009 and until 2014, He has been elected as the Director of CITI (Centre for Innovation in Telecommunications and Integration of Services), a leading research group associated with INRIA, focusing on ambient networking, distributed systems and wireless networks, including about 80 professors, associates, researchers and PhD students. 

Since 2001 He has been an associate member of INRIA, a prestigious French research institute in Computer sciences. He was successively a member of the ARES team lead by Prof. Ubéda, the leader of the Swing  team (Smart Wireless Networking). He is now a member of the Socrate team lead by Prof Tanguy Risset.


JM Gorce is an active member of the Greentouch action and he was also co-leader of the ADR Green networking, a project of the joint lab between INRIA and Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs

Since 2001, He has been involved as a leading scientist in several French and European projects (Inria actions: ARC IRAMUS, ARC FRAGILE, ANR projects : Banet, Cormoran, Ecoscells, European projects : FP6 DistMo4wNet, FP7 iPlan). His main research fields concern wireless communications focusing on realistic modeling, wireless system optimization and performance assessment considering both infrastructure-based and ad hoc networks.

He has published over 80 refereed journal and conference papers (e.g., IEEE Ant & Propag, IEEE TWC, IEEE Wireless Com, IEEE Com. Lett., etc).

He served as an evaluator for several for various French and international programs and he has been a TPC member of various conferences and journals. He serves as an Associate Editor of Telecommunication Systems (Springer) and Eurasip journal of wireless communications and networking (JWCN, SpringerOpen).


Previously he has been a junior visitor scientist at the Medical imaging center in KU Leuven (Belgium) in 1998, a senior researcher at Bracco Research, Geneva (Switzerland) in 1999 and a visiting senior researcher at Ranplan Ltd, Sheffield (UK) during 2010-2012 period.



  Lab. CITI - INSA de LYON

Telecommunications department

7, avenue des Arts, 69621 Villeurbanne Cedex France

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