Wireless communications :
4th year course about wireless systems and cellular networks: system modeling, wireless channel properties, modern systems, cellular networks.
Theoretical developments involve signal processing, digital communication and information theory.
Exercices are based on practical systems: WiFi, UMTS, Zigbee..
Practical testbeds on real sofwares allows to leanr about cellular network planning, WiFi coverage design, UMTS standard analysis
Software radio systems :
4th year course about software radio/cognitive radio and practical implementation with GNU radio. Based on 802.15.4 standard

Practical approach, implenentation

Complete imlpementation of PHY/MAC layer.

Body Area Networks:
5th year course about body area networks : specifities, technologies and applications. Département Télécommunications, Services et Usages, INSA Lyon

Broad overview of BANs with experts from the domain.

Students share ideas and develop a case study to drive their understanding during the module.

5th year course about LTE advanced / 4G systems.

Why 4G ? Needs and objectives. 

Technological key points : MIMO, OFDMA, Link adaptation
Try some code for a better undersatnding about MIMO/OFDMA
Practice LTE-Advanced on Agilent platform.