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I joined CNR - IEIIT as a researcher in March 2013. Prior to that, I have been a Maître de Conférences (tenured assistant professor) at INSA Lyon, since September 2009, and a PhD student and PostDoc fellow at Politecnico of Torino, between 2005 and 2009. I received Master degrees from University of Illinois at Chicago, in 2003, and Politecnico di Torino, in 2004, and I have been a visiting researcher at Rice University, in 2006 and 2007, and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, in 2008. I hold an Habilitation à diriger des recherches from INSA Lyon and Université Lyon I, obtained in 2014. Additional personal information can be found here.


I am carrying out research at CNR - IEIIT. I am also a collaborator at the UrbaNet INRIA team hosted by the CITI Lab of INSA Lyon. My current interests are in the following research areas:

  • User mobility characterization in wireless access and spontaneous networks
  • Mobile traffic data mining and analysis
  • Privacy in mobile traffic datasets
  • Content download, upload and propagation in vehicular networks
More details, including collaborations, professional service, and downloadable material, are available here. A list of the research projects I am involved in can be found here.

A complete list of publications can be found here. Some selected publications:

  • D. Naboulsi, M. Fiore, R. Stanica, S. Ribot,
    Large-scale Mobile Traffic Analysis: a Survey,
    IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, Vol.18, No.1, January 2016 |
  • M. Gramaglia, M. Fiore,
    Hiding Mobile Traffic Fingerprints with GLOVE,
    ACM CoNEXT 2015, Heidelberg, Germany, December 2015 |
  • S. Uppoor, O. Trullols-Cruces, M. Fiore, J.M. Barcelo-Ordinas,
    Generation and Analysis of a Large-scale Urban Vehicular Mobility Dataset,
    IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, Vol.13, No.5, May 2014 |
  • D. Naboulsi, R. Stanica, M. Fiore,
    Classifying Call Profiles in Large-scale Mobile Traffic Datasets,
    IEEE INFOCOM 2014, Toronto, Canada, April 2014 |
  • D. Naboulsi, M. Fiore
    On the Instantaneous Topology of a Large-scale Urban Vehicular Network: the Cologne case,
    ACM MobiHoc 2013, Bangalore, India, July 2013 |
  • F. Malandrino, C. Casetti, C.-F. Chiasserini, M. Fiore,
    Optimal Content Downloading in Vehicular Networks,
    IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, Vol. 12, No.7, July 2013 |
  • M. Fiore, C. Casetti, C.-F. Chiasserini, P. Papadimitratos,
    Discovery and Verification of Neighbor Positions in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks,
    IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, Vol. 12, No.2, February 2013 |
  • O. Trullols-Cruces, M. Fiore, J.M. Barcelo-Ordinas,
    Cooperative download in vehicular environments,
    IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, Vol.11, No.4, April 2012 |
  • M. Fiore, F. Mininni, C. Casetti, C.-F. Chiasserini,
    To Cache or Not To Cache?,
    IEEE INFOCOM 2009, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 2009 |
  • M, Fiore, C. Casetti, C.-F. Chiasserini,
    Information Density Estimation for Content Retrieval in MANETs,
    IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, Vol.8, No.3, March 2009 |
  • A. Giannoulis, M. Fiore, E. Knightly,
    Supporting Vehicular Mobility in Urban Multi-hop Wireless Networks,
    ACM/USENIX MobiSys 2008, Breckenridge, USA, June 2008 |
  • M. Fiore, J. Härri,
    The Networking Shape of Vehicular Mobility,
    ACM MobiHoc 2008, Hong Kong, China, May 2008 |


I have been mainly involved in the teaching of courses at the Telecom Department of INSA Lyon. Detailed past teaching activities are listed here.

Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24
10129 Torino

+39 011 090 5434

marco.fiore at marco.fiore at

I am currently looking for one postodoctoral fellow with a very strong research record in the fields of mobile networking or data mining. Feel free to contact me if you meet these requirements.

I am inviting applications for postdoctoral positions on topics related to my current research activities, also through fellowships such as those offered by Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

Paper accepted at IEEE Trans. Mobile Computing

Paper accepted at IEEE ISC2

Joined the TPC of IEEE WONS'17

Joined the TPC of IEEE ISC2'16

Paper accepted at IEEE Trans. Mobile Computing

Joined the TPC of MobiArch'16

Paper accepted at IEEE WoWMoM'16

Joined the TPC of IEEE INFOCOM'17

Joined the TPC of ExtremeCom'16

Joined the TPC of ACM WiNTECH'16

Joined the TPC of All Things Cellular'16

Joined the TPC of IEEE WF-IoT'16

Named a Distinguished Member of the IEEE INFOCOM'16 TPC

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