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            Wirless network architecture and algorithms for telecommunications.

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UBEDA STEPHANE is a full professor at the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon in the Telecommunications department.  He is also the director of the  Center for Innovations in Telecommunication and Services integration (CITI Lab) which  is the research lab associated to the department. Last, he is also  the head of the INRIA Project named ARES for Architecture of Networks  of Services.  The ARES project is dedicated to Ambient Networks and associated services. The research team of the CITI Lab is composed of 14 permanent peoples and 10 PhD students and 3 administrative peoples.

After a PhD in computer sciences at the Ecole Normale Supérieure  de Lyon in 1993, STEPHANE UBEDA was assistant professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) in the computer sciences department. At the EPFL, STEPHANE UBEDA was member of the Theoretical Computer Sciences Lab directed by the Professor Giovani Coray. During this 2 years period, STEPHANE UBEDA was working on parallel algorithms and high performance computing.

In 1995, STEPHANE UBEDA became  associated professor in the  Jean-Monnet University and member of the LIP Lab in the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. In the Jean-Monnet University, he was in charge of the creation of a master in computer sciences. In the LIP Laboratory, STEPHANE UBEDA has created a research group in algorithms and optimisations for telecommunications and network.

STEPHANE UBEDA obtain a Habilitation to conduct research  in 1997 and became in 2000 full professor at the INSA of Lyon. In the INSA of Lyon, STEPHANE UBEDA was in charge of the creation of the research Lab associated to the teaching department. At the same period, he also launch a new research project in association with the national research institute in computer sciences and automata (INRIA). This INRIA project is now created and it is focused on various aspect of ambient networks (wireless communications, ad hoc protocols, ambient services).

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