My Research since 2005 at Citi, Insa-Lyon
Subjects studied:
  • Embedded systems
  • System on Chip, Network on Chip
  • Software defined radio
  • Mickael Dardaillon (still going on...)
  • Cédric Lévy-Bencheton (PhD: "Étude de relais multi-mode sous contrainte d’énergie dans un contexte de radio logicielle")
  • Riadh Ben Abdallah (PhD: "Machine virtuelle pour la radio logicielle")
  • Antoine Scherrer (PhD: "Analyses statisitiques des communications sur puce")
  • Started the Socrate Inria project
  • Involved in the FIT/CorteXlab equipex
  • Involved in the Soclib ANR project
  • I have been associated director (directeur adjoint) of the Telecommunication Departement from 2009 to 2012, associated director (directeur adjoint) of the CITI lab in 2008, and in charge of the M2RTS Master organization from 2006 to 2012.
2001-2005 at LIP at ENS-Lyon
Subjects studied:
  • Compilation for embedded systems
  • High Level Synthesis
  • System on Chip
  • Antoine Scherrer (PhD: "Analyses statisitiques des communications sur puce")
  • Alexandru Plseco (PhD: "Transformations de programmes et optimisations de l'architecture mémoire pour la synthèse de haut niveau d'accélérateurs matériels")
  • Started the Compsys Inria project
  • Hired Professeur at Insa-Lyon in September 2005.
1994-2001 CR Inria at Irisa, Rennes
Subjects studied:
  • Automatic parallelization
  • High Level Synthesis
  • Alpha Langage
  • Polyhedral model
Participation in PhD supervision of the following people:
  • Florent Dupont de Dinechin (1997), Patricia Le Moenner (1997), Sophie Robert (1997), Anne Claire Guillou (2003).
  • Hired Inria CR2 in 1994, member of the Api and then Cosi Inria projects
  • In charge of the developpement of the Alpha project
  • HDR in 2001