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GNU Emacs

I am a regular and long time user of GNU Emacs. Packages/Extensions I use most are

Wanderlust is quite configurable, one thing is really missing in the default config: sorting mails using an arbitraty score and multiple sorting criteria. Here is an example that can be used for sorting mails:

(defun wl-message-score (msg)
  "Compute a score for a message."
  (let ((score 0)
 (folder wl-summary-buffer-elmo-folder)
 (number (elmo-message-entity-number msg)))
    (dolist (flag (elmo-message-flags folder number) score)
      (if (eq flag 'new)       (setq score (+ 40 score)))
      (if (eq flag 'unread)    (setq score (+ 35 score)))
      (if (eq flag 'important) (setq score (+ 30 score)))
      ;; add personnal flags here
      (if (eq flag 'answered)  (setq score (+ 0 score))))))
(defun wl-summary-overview-entity-compare-by-score (x y)
  "Compare entity X and Y by mail score."
  (let ((sx (wl-message-score x))
 (sy (wl-message-score y)))
    (if (= sx sy)
 (wl-summary-overview-entity-compare-by-date x y)
      (< sx sy))))
(setq wl-summary-sort-specs '(number date subject from list-info size score))
(setq wl-summary-default-sort-spec 'score)


I recently moved from ion3 to xmonad which I enjoy quite much.


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