Agora team

Agora (for « AlGorithme et Optimisation des Réseaux Autonomes ») is a common team between Inria and the CITI Lab of Insa Lyon. We focus on the wireless networking problems fostered by the urban environment and digital cities services. The team gathers 6 Inria and INSA Lyon faculties, 10-15 PhD students and 2-5 postdocs and engineers.

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Short biography

Hervé Rivano is University Professor at INSA Lyon. He is the head of the Inria/INSA Lyon common team Agora  of the CITI lab. The team focuses on wireless networks for digital cities. He is member of the board of the Ecole Urbaine de Lyon (Lyon Urban School). Since september 2021, he is the head of computer science teaching at the FIMI department of INSA Lyon.

Prior to that, he has been hired as a CNRS researcher in october 2004 and as an Inria researcher since january 2011. From october 2004 to august 2009, he was a member of the Mascotte project-team which belongs both to Inria Sophia Antipolis-Méditerranée and the I3S Lab (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and CNRS). In september 2009, he moved to the CITI lab of INSA Lyon. He has then created the Inria/INSA Lyon CITI Urbanet team. Agora is the follow up of Urbanet. He is « Habilité à Diriger les Recherches » since june 2014 and was an elected member of the Section 07 of the Comité National de la Recherche Scientifique (2008-2012).

He obtained his PhD in november 2003 from the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis. He was supervised by Afonso Ferreira (CNRS) and Jérôme Galtier (Orange Labs). He graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon.

His research interests include combinatorial optimization applied to network design and provisioning. He focuses on capacity/energy tradeoff for urban cellular and mesh networks design and low cost and dense wireless sensor networks for environmental sensing.

He co-supervises the PhD of