PhD alumni

PhD students are the real working forces of research. This list of those I had the priviledge to supervise is a temptative to keep track of their carreer

Lucas Magnana (defended on February 14th 2024)

Lucas was co-advised with Nicolas Chiabaut. He worked on artificial intelligence techniques for understanding and predicting cyclist mobility in urban areas and facilitating it with dynamic Infrastructures.

Solohaja Rabenjamina (defended on September 29th 2023)

Solohaja was co-advised by Razvan Stanica. He worked on urban mobility and mobile network management based on telephony data.

Ichrak Mokhtari ( defended on June 6th 2023)

Ichrak was co-advised by Walid Bechkit. She worked on spatio-temporal data analysis for dynamic phenomenon monitoring using mobile sensors.

Anis Fekih ( defended on February 4th 2022)

Anis was co-advised by Walid Bechkit. He worked on Low-cost wireless sensor networks in participatory air quality monitoring. He his now a software engineer at Kaizen Solutions.

Nour Bouzouita(defended on January 5th 2022)

Nour was co-advised by Anthony Busson. She worked on models to infer the load of wifi networks from the viewpoint of a mobile user.

Florentin Delaine (defended on December 4th 2020)

Florentin was co-advised by Bérengère Lebental. His PhD was supported by the Efficacity IRT. He worked on in situ calibration for low cost environmental sensors.

Abderrahman Ben Khalifa (defended on July 30th 2020)

Abderrahman was co-advised by Razvan Stanica. His PhD was supported by the SPIE research chair with the CITI lab. He worked on cognitive MAC layers dedicated to IoT.

Ahmed Boubrima(defended on March 12th 2019)

Ahmed was co-advised by Walid Bechkit and worked on wireless sensor networks for air quality monitoring within the settings of the UrPolSens project. Ahmed is now Postdoc at Rice University. His work has been recognized by several best paper awards and by the Gilles Kahn accessit, the INSA Lyon Information and Digital Society, and the GDR RSD/ACM SigOps France best PhD awards.

Yosra Zguira (defended on December 20th 2018)

Yosra did a co-hosted (cotutelle in French) PhD between INSA Lyon and the Sousse University of Tunisia. She worked on data collection for connected bike sharing platforms, and in particular the "Internet of Bike" protocol.

Abdoul Aziz Mbacke (defended on October 18th 2018))

Aziz was co-advised with Nathalie Mittonof FUN Inria team. He worked on RDFID data collection for urban scenarios within the Inria IPL SmartCities. Aziz was Postdoc in the Agora team, working on the eSmartCity european project. He is now a research engineer in the start-up CityTaps.

Alexis Duque (defended on October 11th 2018)

Alexis was co-advised with Razvan Stanica and Adrien Desporte, Rtone CEO. He worked on LED to SmartPhone VLC communications for IoT. Alexis now work at Rtone were he leads the IoT Security department and the R&D activities.

Trista Lin (defended on December 17th 2015)

Trista was co-advised with Frédéric Le Mouël. Her PhD was supported by the Rhône-Alpes region and focused on "Smart Parking: Network, Infrastructure and Urban Service". It is a collaboration among the Urbanet and DynaMid teams and the UrbaLyon urbanism agency. Trista is now working at Stellantis.

Anis Ouni (defended on december 12th 2013)

Anis'PhD was co-advised with Fabrice Valois and partially supported by the ANR Ecoscells project and focused on capacity and energy consumption optimization issues in wireless mesh networks. Anis is now working at Intel.

Christelle Caillouet (former C. Molle, defended on October 9th 2009)

Christelle was supported by a DGA/CNRS grant and focused on the optimization of the capacity of wireless mesh networks . After a post-doc position at the LIG lab, Drakkar team, she has been awarded a postdoctoral Research Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to work in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Ir. Arie M.C.A. Koster at Lehrstuhl II für Mathematik, RWTH Aachen University. She is now faculty research assistant at University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, within the Coati Inria project-team.

Patricio Reyes (defended on August 5th 2009)

Patricio was supported by a Conicyt/INRIA franco-chiliean grant and focused on data gathering in radio networks . He is now on working in the Barcelona supercomputing center.