• (30.03.2017) The first publication from the Fed4PMR project has been accepted for publication in IEEE Communications Standards Magazine. The paper, titled "Overview on LTE Isolated E-UTRAN Operation for Public Safety", is a collaboration with Jad Oueis, Damien Lavaux, Vania Conan and Fabrice Valois.

  • (02.03.2017) On March 28-31, I will be in Porto, attending the 9th edition of the IFIP Wireless Days conference, where I will also present a part of the work done by Rodrigue Domga Komguem in his Ph.D. thesis, under the title "Node Ranking in Wireless Sensor Networks with Linear Topology".

  • (15.02.2017) On March 17, I will co-organize the 1st International Workshop on Data Analytics for Mobile Networking ( DAMN!2017) together with Marco Fiore.

  • (15.02.2017) Between March 13 and March 17, I will be attending the IEEE PerCom conference in Kona, Hawaii.

  • (05.01.2017) Between January 11 and January 13, I will be attending the Rescom Days in Sophia Antipolis. On January 11, I will co-organize the first French workshop on smart cities communications and networking, together with Walid Bechkit.

  • (03.01.2017) Elli Zavou joined the group as a post-doctoral fellow, to work on anonymization of mobile traffic data, funded by the PIA Adage project.

  • (03.01.2017) Starting from today, the Inria Urbanet team becomes Inria Agora.

  • (19.12.2016) Our work on visible light communications for IoT, "Off-the-shelf Bi-directional Visible Light Communication Module for IoT Devices and Smartphones", will be demonstrated by Alexis Duque at the 14th International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks, EWSN 2017, to be held in Uppsala, on February 20-22.

  • (26.11.2016) Continuing the series of works on mobile traffic analysis, the collaboration with Angelo Furno, Marco Fiore, Cezary Ziemlicki and Zbigniew Smoreda, which takes place in the frame of the ANR ABCD project, was accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, under the title "A Tale of Ten Cities: Characterizing Signatures of Mobile Traffic in Urban Areas".

  • (25.11.2016) The paper "Joint Spatial and Temporal Classification of Mobile Traffic Demands", co-authored with Angelo Furno and Marco Fiore, was accepted for publication at the 36th Annual IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications, INFOCOM 2017, to be held in May in Atlanta.

  • (24.11.2016) The first workshop on smart cities communications and networking, organized by the French Rescom community, will take place on January 11 at Sophia Antipolis, in the prologue of the Rescom Days. You can submit presentation proposals by December 16.

  • (02.11.2016) Abderrahman Ben Khalifa joined the group as a Ph.D. student, to work on machine learning approaches applied to medium access control in IoT networks. He is funded by the Spie-INSA IoT Chaire and by the Fed4PMR project.

  • (17.10.2016) On November 16-17, I will attend the "Digital Days" organized by the French National Research agency in Paris. I will present the results of the soon to be finished ANR ABCD project.

  • (16.08.2016) Open post doctoral position on "Anonymization of mobile phone data: algorithm design and impact on applications". More details. Update: the position has been filled.

  • (01.08.2016) Together with Marco Fiore, we will organize the first edition of the Workshop on Data Analytics for Mobile Networking (DAMN! 2017), collocated with IEEE PerCom 2017, in Kona, Hawaii, USA, on March 13. We are waiting for your submissions.

  • (25.07.2016) The paper "Unleashing the Power of LED-to-Camera Communications for IoT Devices", summarizing the first results of Alexis Duque PhD thesis and with contributions from Hervé Rivano and Adrien Desportes, has been accepted for publication at the VLCS 2016 workshop, to be held at New York, USA, on October 3, in association with the prestigious ACM MobiCom 2016.

  • (05.07.2016) Angelo Furno will present the latest results we obtained in our collaboration with Marco Fiore at the i-CiTies 2016 conference, to be held in Benevento, Italy, on September 29-30.

  • (20.06.2016) The most important results from Jad Oueis MS thesis, co-supervised with Fabrice Valois, will be published in the paper "Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks: From Characterization to Duty Cycle Dimensioning", to be presented at the IEEE MASS 2016 conference, in Brasilia, Brazil, on October 10-13.

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