Creteil Trace
Taxi Trace


JooFlux: a Java agent for dynamic aspect-oriented middlewares

JooFlux a JVM agent that allows both the dynamic replacement of method implementations and the application of aspect advices. Compared to existing approaches, JooFlux takes a novel route by taking advantage of the new invokedynamic instruction added in Java SE 7. The runtime overhead of JooFlux is marginal for method invocations, and fairly limited when aspects are being injected. In any case, JooFlux shows interesting performance compared to related approaches such as AOP tools or dynamic languages that rely on dynamic dispatch. More interestingly, JooFlux does not involve reloading whole classes on either method replacement or advice injection, which keeps a large range of just-in-time compilation optimizations valid.


Microscopic vehicular mobility trace of Europarc roundabout, Creteil, France

Simulation tools are widely used to evaluate assumption correctness and performances of optimization algorithms. Several macroscopic vehicular mobility trace exist, but few detailed ones at the microscopic level. Most of macro traces integrate simplistic models for intersections and roundabout, while the complexity of this fine-grained mobility can greatly affect the global optimization. For that purpose, we propose a dataset describing a complex roundabout in Creteil, France.

Taxi Trace - Contact Analysis

Multi-thread analysis of taxi GPS trace to extract taxi contacts.