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Guillaume Salagnac

Guillaume Salagnac

Associate professor at INSA-Lyon and member of the CITI lab.


Guillaume Salagnac
CITI - Bâtiment Claude Chappe
6 avenue des Arts 69621 Villeurbanne Cedex - FRANCE

Phone: +33 472436413
Fax: +33 472436227



My research interests lie in the area of programming languages and operating systems for resource-constrained embedded platforms, e.g. wireless sensor networks.

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Selected publications

G. Berthou, T. Delizy, K. Marquet, T. Risset, G. Salagnac. Peripheral State Persistence For Transiently Powered Systems ; in proceedings of IOENT 2017 (a workshop of the Global IoT Summit). A longer version of this paper is available as INRIA Technical Report RR-9018, 2017. Article en français présenté à ComPAS 2017.
F. Ait Aoudia, K. Marquet, G. Salagnac. Incremental checkpointing of program state to NVRAM for transiently-powered systems ; in proceedings of ReCoSOC 2014.
R. Jurdak, P. Corke, A. Cotillon, D. Dharman, C. Crossman, G. Salagnac. Energy-efficient Localisation: GPS Duty Cycling with Radio Ranging ; in ACM TOSN Volume 9 Issue 2, March 2013.
G. Salagnac, C. Rippert, S. Yovine. Semi-Automatic Region-Based Memory Management for Real-Time Java Embedded Systems ; in proceedings of RTCSA 2007.


My erdős number is 4: G. Salagnac / S. Yovine / A. Pnuelli / S. Shelah / Pr. P. Erdős. What about you ?

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