IST - Advanced Wireless Networks

  • Wi-Fi - slides.

  • Ad-Hoc Networks - slides.

  • Wireless Sensor and Vehicular Networks - slides.

Paper Assignment Algorithm

  1. You can do this assignment alone, or in groups of two. No, not more than two.
  2. Pick a paper in the paper pool below.
  3. Check the schedule below to see whether the paper you selected is already assigned to someone. Each paper can be presented only once.
  4. If the paper is already selected, go back to step 2.
  5. If the paper is not selected, send me an email with the name of the paper and the names of the students in your group. If you are presenting alone, you are your group.
  6. Wait for my confirmation, the schedule on the website might not be updated. If the paper is already selected, you will have to go back to step 2.
  7. Continue until you have a confirmation.


  • You should prepare for 10 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes of questions.
  • A good rule of thumb is that you will spend 1 minute per slide, so be clear and concise.
  • The goal of this assignment is to show that you understood the problem that is treated, the approach that is proposed, and its limitations.
  • Do not enter into superfluous technical details, but be ready to answer to very precise questions.
  • You can, and you are encouraged to use other sources for your talk, not only the paper you chose.
  • Pay attention to the other presentations, you are expected to ask questions.

2016 Presentation Schedule

  • Monday, December 12th:

    • 14h: Kajetan Kaczmarek and Jeppe Hagelskjær Østergaard - "AmbiMax: Autonomous Energy Harvesting Platform for Multi-Supply Wireless Sensor Nodes"
    • 14h20: Kapil Rai Chandel and Swapnil Sharma - "Connectivity-Aware Routing (CAR) in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks"
    • 14h40: Soham Roy and Nikhil Sethia - "Routing and Link Layer Protocol Design for Sensor Networks with Wireless Energy Transfer"
    • 15h: Felix Althammer and Huyen-Anh Nguyen - "Beyond Deployments and Testbeds: Experiences with Public Usage on Vehicular WiFi Hotspots"
    • 15h20: Judyta Kin - "No Time to Countdown: Migrating Backoff to the Frequency Domain"
    • 15h40: Zofia Jethon and Lukasz Swiatkowski - "Enabling Ad-hoc Style Communication in Public WLAN Hotspots"
    • Break
    • 16h20: Sarah Kaene and Nikolai Plokhoi - "Mobile Data Offloading: How Much can WiFi Deliver?"
    • 16h40: Jakub Dudarewicz - "Perpetual Environmentally Powered Sensor Networks"
    • 17h: Anti Repo and Marc-Andre Viau - "Feasibility of Content Dissemination Between Devices in Moving Vehicles"

Homework Paper Pool